Timeless Activities & Games to Play With Your Grandchildren

Not every grandparent owns a computer. Some people are still not comfortable with this new technology. That’s ok. If you are one of these grandparents, you do not have to feel bad. There are plenty of activities and games that grandparents raising grandchildren can still have fun doing together. If you are wondering what types of activities or games you can play with your grandchildren, the following list of suggestions might help you.

1. Creative mind games. These types of games never go out of style. You probably had fun playing with your own children, doing just the same thing. Children love games with imagination. As they learn and grow, they also like to play games that allow them to show what they have learned, such as colors, numbers, or rhyming. You could play “I Spy”.

2. Card games. Card games never go out of style. You can put cards face down and take turns flipping over two cards at a time looking for matches. This games also allow you to keep your memory sharp as well as your grandchildren. “Go Fish” is another favorite card game for grandparents raising grandchildren. This helps the children to practice their counting and numbers as they ask if you have any of the numbers they need. They can then learn to keep track of where the cards could be when you don’t have anything.

3. Arts and Crafts will never be boring for most children. You can also benefit by teaching your grandchildren how to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” things from around the home. Egg cartons can be used to create creatures like caterpillars by adding some pipe cleaners and googly eyes that you can buy from a local dollar store. You can create robots out of old cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls, or you could just make greeting cards for the holidays. For older kids, you could use old socks, lint from the dryer, and buttons to sew puppets or dolls.

4. Little girls always love to play tea party. You can buy plates, cups, and other plastic toy sets from dollar stores or Walmart. You can even add to this for your granddaughters who are older and want to bake. You could buy an easy bake oven and teach her how to measure out the right portions, and set the oven temperature, then time things just right. This is also a good activity to teach manners and etiquette that will stay with her as she grows older.

5. For your grandson, building a fort out of blankets and chairs in the living room is always fun. Or if you want to make it more adventurous, you could set up a real tent in the backyard and have a camp out complete with marshmallows and other camping treats. You can use your grill to roast the marshmallows, and even add more treats like chocolate for smores. If you camp outside, you could teach your grandson about astronomy by using a telescope or binoculars.

There are many other types of activities and games you can try with your grandchildren. As grandparents raising grandchildren, you can talk to them and see what they like to play. They may want to do a jigsaw puzzle, play marbles, play dress up, play pretend scenarios with their plastic animals or other toys, or just want to play board games like “Snakes and Ladders”,”Trouble”, “Monopoly Jr.”, or “Guess Who”. Whatever you decide to play, your grandchildren will cherish the time you spend together and you will be able to build a relationship that will last a long time. With grandparents rights and more grandparents raising grandchildren the need to learn your grandchildren’s games of choice will only continue to grow.

And as a grandparent please keep your grandchildren’s best interest in mind. I hope that you are one of those lucky grandparents that has a good relationship with your grandchildren and their parents but if your are not please search out your options at grandparents rights The rights of grandparents raising grandchildren are certainly something to check out. I wish you all the best. Good luck with your grandchildren. Jacquelyn Dunn

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